Halo Wars 2: Das Colony DLC Update wurde nun veröffentlicht.

Autor des Artikels: Steven Wilcken

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Halo Wars 2: Das Colony DLC Update wurde nun veröffentlicht.

Nachdem das Halo Wars 2 Colony DLC Update verschoben werden musste, wurde dieser nun doch nachgereicht. Spieler können diesen ab Sofort auf dem PC und Xbox One herunterladen. Die Verschiebung wurde genutzt um einen Fehler auf den Grund zu gehen, der im schlimmsten Fall den Spielstand zerstören konnte. Dieses Problem sollte nun gelöst sein.

Hier der Changelog:

Core systems:

  • Made various stability improvements
  • Fixed some secondary objectives not triggering after loading from a save
  • Fixed some more cases that could cause infinite loading
  • Fixed a performance issue on Banished buildings caused by some audio looping inappropriately
  • Fixed an issue causing desync for some players

Leader Powers:

  • Archer Missiles now interact with Fog of War appropriately
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to build toward the pop cap of temporarily stolen units with Isabel’s Ghost in the Machine
  • Fixed an issue where a shield generator wouldn’t spin up if the main base was damaged during construction
  • Fixed an issue where Isabel’s ‘The Best Offense’ passive power would render Scorpions unresponsive


  • Ark Defense spawns the correct number of Sentinels in Blitz, for all interactions with line of sight
  • Grunt Mob returns the correct amount of energy on death in Blitz
  • Fixed an issue with audio corruption in longer games of Blitz Firefight


  • Grunts no longer shoot each other in the back, reducing their damage output
  • The campaign log „Beyond the Edge“ is now unlocked when completing campaign mission “The Halo”
  • Neutral marines in the tutorial no longer attack and kill the player’s units, preventing them from completing the mission
  • Strongholds custom game setting for “starting population count” now works as expected
  • Fixed it so “Minibases count as HQ” enabled now prevents the game from ending when the player has no units and only minibases
  • Added some Sentinels to capture points on Sentry and Badlands
  • Marines’ grenade throw is more responsive
  • Deployed Blisterbacks are now attackable by all units, not just anti-air
  • Hunter upgrade no longer renders Hunters unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue where Holo-decoy units under the effects of the Hellcharge ability would do damage to enemy units
  • Global unit upgrades now apply to the Scorpion
  • Fixed text on Forge’s Rolling Economy text to match the changes that were applied in the previous update
  • Aligned Kinsano’s flame VFX for her Flamewall power with the area in which it does damage
  • Fixed several translation errors in Russian, Polish and Japanese
  • Fixed some instances of debug strings showing up as UI text in a few locations

AI Fixes:

  • Shipmaster AI can no longer teleport units into the void
  • Changed the way AI uses and reacts to Nightingale smoke ability
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the AI to control a jackrabbit drone
  • AI players are now more aware of cloaked bases
  • AI players will retake power nodes which were reclaimed by Sentinels
  • An AI will no longer kill its own units by disabling a Lightbridge while they’re on it… RIP


  • Fixed “Two Heads are Better than None” achievementAudio/Effects:
  • Fixed audio with several leader powers
  • Fixed several issues with units not having appropriate audio on destruction
  • Fixed several instances in campaign when background music could be heard in cutscenes or ingame cinematics
  • Adjusted some leader powers‘ audio
  • Synced some audio with animations for Kinsano’s Cyclops
  • Fixed an issue with audio events getting spammed when interacting with Fog of War or Cloaking ability
  • Fixed an issue with large scale battles causing some audio corruption
  • Fixed death visual effects on the Veteran Flame ‘Hog in Blitz
  • Fixed some particle issues with the Flame Warthog incendiary grenade
  • Fixed Guard units generating noise endlessly in Blitz
  • Douglas’s taunt is no longer heard globally

And now for something completely different:

  • Fixed an issue where Grunt Squads turn into Grizzlies after the player kills them in any mission when loading a save file with the skull “Grunt Birthday Party” active from a previous release